A Winning Combination

With all of the technical and empathetic challenges of construction code enforcement, Saturn is equipped to accurately and fairly enforce the UCC. After all, we possess the following credentials, which are unique in this industry:

  • Primary career training as a code enforcement professional
  • Multiple engineering degrees from top tier institutions
  • Licensureas a Professional Engineer proficient in building design engineering
  • Experience from all sides of the construction industry: experience interacting with contractors, experience as the design engineer, and experience as the inspector and plans examiner
  • Experience with Municipal Engineering: Land Development and Stormwater Management
  • Experience as a Zoning Officer who simultaneously enforced the UCC
  • Experience as a Manager and Owner with experience interfacing with townships, homeowners, engineering and architecture firms, and municipal employees
  • Experience performing home inspections
  • Small business ownership experience across multiple business sectors: service and retail
  • Career satisfaction of being a construction code official